HOWTO: Changing the LDGV fuel economy in GHGenius 5

5 years 10 months ago #10 by rdo
We received a question via e-mail about how to make the user entered fuel economy numbers get used in GHGenius 5.

I am using GHGenius and I want to see the effect of fuel consumption of LDGV in BC, Canada. Unfortunately, I manipulate the “Base CITY fuel consumption for 2000 (L/100km)” and it seems nothing changes in the LDV Summery. I really appreciate if you can help me.

One of the updates to GHGenius 5 was to add comprehensive values for past and future predicted LDGV fuel economy. To this end we have numerous tables on Vehicular Energy from row 200 on that look at the light duty fuel consumption for each of Canada and America, by year and vehicle subclass.

This is all controlled via a dropdown on the Input sheet in cell B21. You can choose to model a specific type of vehicle using default values, or you can choose the last item of "User" to use the values input in cells B16 and B17. After changing the dropdown to "User" and recalculating the model (F9 or Run Program) you should see changes on the Lifecycle Results and LDV Summary sheets.

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