The Danish Energy Agency and Energinet, the Danish transmission system operator, publish catalogues containing data on technologies for energy carrier generation and conversion.

The catalogue presents technologies for generation and conversion of energy carriers. In particular: production of hydrogen by means of electrolysis, biofuels from biomass and production/upgrade of biogas/syngas. Most of the process are characterised by multiple inputs and multiple outputs, which include for example different fuels/feedstocks, electricity and process heat (recoverable or lost). Upstream and downstream processes are not included - the datasheets do not provide information on prices for fuels, environmental impact from fuel procurement, or the economic consequences of the substitution of fossil fuels with liquid fuels produced from biomass. The main purpose of the catalogue is to provide generalized data for analysis of energy systems, including economic scenario models and high-level energy planning.

(S&T)2 Consultants Inc. wrote 13 new chapters for the 2018 update. The chapters included vegetable oil FAME, recycled oil FAME, hydrogenated vegetable oils (HVO). HVO Jet Fuel., ethanol from starch, pyrolysis oils, cellulosic ethanol, biomass gasification, hydrothermal liquefaction, and catalytic hydropyrolysis.