What is GHGenius?

GHGenius is a free to download lifecycle analysis (LCA) model with a primary focus on transportation fuels in Canada. To accomplish this it includes data for activities ranging from crop production, to power generation, to tailpipe emissions in many regions spanning the globe. Development of new feedstocks, fuels, and regions is still ongoing with planned major public releases annually.

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Who are (S&T) Squared Consultants Inc?

Incorporated in 1998, (S&T) Squared Consultants Inc. specializes in understanding energy and environment issues, evaluating the science and technology behind these issues, and developing and recommending appropriate strategies to deal with these issues. (S&T)have been the primary developer of GHGenius since 2003.

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What Other Resources?

On GHGenius.ca we have resources to help new and experienced users learn how to use the model. If your questions aren't answered in the resources available then feel free to ask it in the forum.

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