Land Use Change Emission Components

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Land Use Change Emission Components was created by Jon Albert
I realize that the Fertilizer tab sums up several components that are eventually aggregated to the "Land-use changes, cultivation*" category in the Upstream results tab. I was wondering if you have any recommended procedures in running the model if I want to capture just the land use change component and just the emissions from fertilizer application for a feedstock?

Would it also be possible to determine the magnitude of the effect of land management practice changes such as tillage type and fallow land use, separately from other emissions categories in the fertilizer tab? Could you also explain the relevance of line 150 " Fraction grown on land released due to reduced Summerfallow"?

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On the Fertilizer sheet, row 185 you can enter a zero in the crop that you are interested in and that will remove the soil carbon changes from the land use changes, cultivation row of the outputs sheets. There isn't an easy way to do the reverse though, just showing the soil carbon changes so you will have to do a manual calculation to get the difference.

We do not have the ability in the GHGenius model to determine the soil carbon impact of tillage and summerfallow impacts separately. The impact does vary widely from province to province and even within a province.

The evidence from AAFC is that reduced tillage reduces N2O emissions in Western Canada but increases it in central and eastern Canada. The N2O emission factors in the model include those adjustments based on data from 2015. However if the summerfallow rates were to change then row 150 could be used to arrive at new N2O emission factors for the new levels of summerfallow.

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