Inconsistent results in BC LCFS tab for CRNG (Version 5.02a)

1 month 1 week ago #470 by rybakovp
Hi, I think there may be a mistake in the BC LCFS tab for CRNG values.

With the current values I am using, the results for vehicle emissions for the CRNG from LFG, Manure/Grass, and Organic waste (cells AX18, AY18, and AZ18), are all 3,735, but for CRNG from Electricity (cell BA18), the result is 53,784.

The CNG result on the Exhaust Emissions tab for heavy-duty vehicles is 3.735 (cell P143).

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1 month 6 days ago #471 by rdo
I both have the answer to this, and will have to refuse to take a definitive stance. This is an area where the reasoning is fairly dependent on regulation.

The reason that the default behaviour is like this is because the model defaults to not using biogenic CO2 in the electricity to CRNG pathway. Thus the 53,784 result is based on the burning of CRNG that is fossil derived whereas the 3,735 results are based on biogenic derived CRNG.

This behaviour can be toggled on the input sheet in cell B52. HOWEVER, when I change that cell I see that the formula on BC LCFS is actually incorrect so it seems there is a bug. The formula on BC LCFS BA18 should be

='Exhaust Emissions'!P142+('Exhaust Emissions'!P143-'Exhaust Emissions'!P142)*Input!B52

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