Fertilizer Production from Digestate and Avoided Emissions Credits

1 year 7 months ago #399 by Vico

We are evaluating the carbon intensity for a biogas production facility where the digestate is being processed to make fertilizers, including: phosphoric fibre and ammonium sulfate. These are produced through industrial processing after the digester at a nearby facility. The mass of both product streams is known. Does GHGenius allow for inclusion of such products for avoided methane emissions similar to the land application option for organic waste? If so, how would one convert between the mentioned products and NPKS inputs required in the "Input" sheet of GHGenius?

Thank you

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1 year 7 months ago #400 by doconnor

Yes, you can model this in GHGenius. The Inputs are in rows 275 to 279. Columns AK and AL.

The kg are of the nutrient, N for nitrogen, K2O for potassium and P2O5 for phosphorus.

You need to make sure that these nutrients aren't already accounted for in your reference system. If the manure is being land spread originally and then it is sent to a digestor and the digestate is used for fertilizer, there is no credit available since the nutrients are in both systems.

The credit is generally available for feedstocks that aren't currently land applied.

Don O'Connor

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