DAC and microbial electrosysthesis

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DAC and microbial electrosysthesis was created by Yz7106
Hi all,

I have some questions regarding to our project on Direct carbon capture followed by a microbial electrosynthesis to generate RNG (methane) from organic waste. I am using GHGenius 501g for LCA. My questions as follow:

Which pathway would be most suitable for this project?

Can carbon sequestration function be applied to this project? If yes, how does carbon sequestration affect the output?

For the microbial electrosynthesis, how to enter the carbonate solution as production input while caustic solution as co-product output?

I am appreciated your precious advices in advance.

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1 year 3 weeks ago #398 by doconnor
Replied by doconnor on topic DAC and microbial electrosysthesis
Not knowing all of the details of your process, I would try to use the RNG from organic waste pathway. This would allow you calculate any avoided methane emissions from the current disposal of the organic waste.

The sequestration function does work with this pathway. The CCS will show up as reduced fuel production emissions.

The only carbonate that we have in the model is limestone, This can be added to any pathway on the Alt Fuel Prod sheet. There are also placeholders for other chemicals that can be added to a pathway.

For dealing with the caustic that is produced, the only way to deal with that in the model is using a displacement approach. This could be done as a negative input on the Alt Fuel Prod sheet or as a new co-product on the Coprods sheet.

Don O'Connor

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