LCA of hydrogen from biomass with CCS pathway

2 months 1 week ago #336 by hhnguyen

I am using GHGenius 501g version and would like to perform LCA for biomass and CCS pathway to produce blue hydrogen (as in the attached picture).

My system boundary is: biomass plantation => biomass collection => gasification and water gas shift => CCS => H2.
Functional unit is CO2-eq/MJ and CAD/MJ for the cost analysis.

My questions are:
- Where can I collect the full table of data for each stage in the system boundary? For example, I want to manipulate/be able to tell what is the distance between the biomass plantation to collection, what type of transportation, type of gasification technology, etc.

- For the cost analysis, is there any tab in GHGenius can provide result on this?

Thanks in advance for your support.
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2 months 1 week ago #339 by rdo
I'm not sure we have the exact thing you're looking for, but I will do my best to describe the closest thing to it.

The pathway we do have is a wood to hydrogen pathway. Technically this does not specify the technology used to gasify the wood, the user simply supplies the energy inputs.

Transportation of wood to the gasification facility (Feedstock transmission on Upstream Results): On the Input sheet, in the section Transportation of Feedstocks. The range is J74:J86. This handles the distances, modes, and fractions of each mode.

Energy used in gasification (Fuel production on Upstream Results): On the Input sheet, in the section Alternative Fuel Production. The range is BQ238:BQ247. This does not include the energy for CCS. If you have additional chemical inputs, you would put them in on the Alt Fuel Prod sheet in cells Y29:Y78.

Energy used for CCS (Also fuel production on Upstream Results):
On the Sequestration sheet, in the Fuels section. The range is W15:W26. This includes the fraction sequestered, extra energy required, and the cost per tonne. The rows 29 to 32 provide some intermediate outputs to help guide if your energy costs of CCS are reasonable. It's worth noting that this section does not function unless you set cell B69 on the Input sheet to 1.

For by stage results, Upstream Results HHV is the best place to look. The wood to hydrogen pathway is in column CT in 5.01g.

Most of the values are going to be very dependent on the wood feedstock. We have presets for short rotation forestry, wood residue (ie a waste stream with no inbuilt emissions), and standing timber. You can find those buttons on the Input sheet, around A113:A121.

For the cost analysis. We have some tools for that on CostLDV and costHDV. They might not be what you're looking for as they roll in vehicle efficiencies, not strictly fuel production. The levers for this are found on the Input Cost sheet. Wood to H2 in a light duty fuel cell is found at Z13:Z35 and the heavy duty fuel cell is AA70:AA82.

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2 months 5 days ago #341 by hhnguyen
Replied by hhnguyen on topic LCA of hydrogen from biomass with CCS pathway
Hi rho,

Thanks so much for your detail answer. I've found some data that I am in need of.

In order to clarify for my understanding, would you kindly help to answer this follow up questions:

- For the transportation of wood, I followed your guidance but in the upstream result sheet, which column should I read the value for feedstock transmission? I only found in column DH the wood/wood residue but all values are 0. While column DR and DS show only the transport of H2 to power and H2 to pipeline.

- For CCS sequestration, after chaning B69 in input sheet = 1, in the sequestration sheet, only the fraction emissions sequestered in H2 from NG = 1, H2 from wood = 0.85. How should I understand this?

- For cost analysis, in the heavy-duty ICEVs, in the row general fuel costs ($/kg), the data only shows "calculated", how should I understand this?

Many thanks again for your help.
Much appreciated and best regards,

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2 months 2 days ago #342 by rdo
The default setup for wood is that it is a waste product (wood residue) and the processing location is adjacent to the sawmill. You can change these assumptions on the Input sheet.
The type of wood: Wood Residue (waste product from mills), SRF (short rotation forestry), or Standing Timber, can be selected with buttons in the area of A113:A122. Pressing one button will set up the default assumptions for the type of wood you want to use.
After pressing a button, you can then change the transportation distance of the wood to your processing location. The transportation assumptions for wood are from J74:J86.

After you've enabled sequestration with B69 on the Input sheet, we can change the default assumptions about how much is sequestered. The important inputs here are the fraction sequestrered that you identified in row 19 and the extra energy in rows 22:26. For wood to H2, the 0.85 fraction sequestered will reduce the emissions related to wood gassification (but NOT any natural gas or coal burning) by 85%. This is taken off after the extra energy from rows 22:26 are added to the fuel production energy. Generally speaking the fraction sequestered only applies to the primary feedstock of a fuel. If we were looking at H2 from NG it would sequestered emissions from the natural gas.

Unfortunately the cost stuff isn't very user friendly at the moment. It's a neglected sheet. What calculated usually means is that the fuel cost input has been set somewhere else on the sheet. For wood to H2, the heavy duty fuel cell refers back to some of the light duty fuel cell inputs in AF18:AF21.

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