GHGenius 5.02b is a minor version release. 

Microsoft has recently been rolling out changes to how Office handles macros in files downloaded from the web. Depending on your version of Office, you may need to take new and extra steps to allow the macros in GHGenius. Microsoft has provided a page with many details on this change, and most users will need to follow these steps to allow macros.

Full changelog is after the break.

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  • Change the biogenic methane GWP to 28 to be consistent with other BC programs and regulations.
  • Added the possibility of including natural gas transmission emissions for RNG.
  • Automated moisture content adjustment for organic wastes, sewage sludge, and manure.
  • Adjusted moisture content of sugarcane and bagasse based on values from RenovaBio applications.
  • Added HRJ, HRD, and steam as co-products.
  • Added time series for palm production.
  • Added more RNG options to Output Summary.
  • Adjusted the emission factors of RNG from RDF on Output Summary.
  • Corrected a few bugs.