GHGenius 5.01d is a bug fix update. The primary changes are in the coproducts of pathways that have separate feedstock and finished fuel processes and ethanol coproducts. The problem existed when energy or mass allocation was chosen for the co-products. The displacement approach was not impacted.


  • Biodiesels, HRD, HRJ, HRG, ag res to refined bio oil, corn stover to ethanol, and coal to H2 now properly account for their feedstock's coproducts when calculating their coproducts via energy or mass allocation. Their coproduct credits will be the same or lower.
  • Biodiesels and bio-oils coproduct energy was using the incorrect sum of process energy for mass and energy allocation, effecting Energy Use and Energy Balance.
    • Their meals also had a hint of this problem but the results were unchanged.
  • HRJ and HRD were using HRD's feedstock input intensity instead of their own for coproduct emissions, effecting Upstream Results.
  • Energy and mass allocation of some ethanols (corn, wheat, barley, peas, sugar beets, sorghum) and butanol was including dispensing and distribution, inflating their coproducts on energy and emission output sheets.
    • This had some effect on the corn oil pathway, as it is based on corn ethanol.
  • Refined bio oil chemical and fuel coproducts will show up properly on Energy Balance.
  • Diesel input into H2 from NG had an incorrect unit conversion. It would only be noticeable in a process using significant amounts of diesel.
  • The avoided emissions from wood to H2 were being double counted. By default this was double counting a zero.

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