Hexane emission factor

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Hi Don,

I'm assessing the canola oil extraction CI and I would like to determine the natural gas and solvent emission factors used (gCO2e per L solvent, gCO2e per L or MJ natural gas).

For natural gas, I simply do not know where to look for an emission factor value.

For the hexane solvent, it looks like there is an inventory of inputs and emissions presented in line 114 in the 'Alt Fuel Prod' tab (GHGenius 5.0d). Is the value on I114 representative of the emission factor used for hexane in canola oil extraction? Further, how would one determine the WTP value because the value in I114 seems to be for WTW (I'm assuming that the hexane solvent is not combusted).

Thank you.

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4 years 7 months ago #66 by doconnor
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The natural gas emission factor is found on the Equip Emis Factors sheet in cell S27. This is for natural gas used in an industrial boiler and is the natural gas emission factor for most applications of natural gas in the model. The upstream portion of the factor does change with the region that the model is set to.

For hexane, the model does assume that the hexane is eventually oxidized so it does use the WTW emission factor. If you wanted to change that them you could change the values in cells D to G114 so that the value in H114 was about 635, the upstream emissions for gasoline.

I hope this helps.


Don O'Connor
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