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 United States TagsCrude Oil
GHGenius 4.03
Natural Gas
United States
 2013 US Update
 Prepared March 2013
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The update of the core US data in the model has resulted in some changes in some of the pathways. As expected, the carbon intensity of electric power has been reduced due to the competitiveness of natural gas. There was reduced coal use for electric power and increased gas consumption. Hydropower also increased in the US West region, the only region with significant hydropower, although this could be due to annual weather patterns.

Overall there is little change in the GHG emissions for petroleum products. Increased emissions for crude oil production have been offset by reductions in the refinery. CNG for light and heavy-duty vehicle use have slightly larger GHG emission reductions compared to gasoline and diesel fuel in this version of GHGenius compared to version 4.02. Natural gas production energy use is lower in the latest set of data from the US EIA.

Natural gas as a transportation fuel is gaining attention in the US and in Canada. It was shown earlier that there are some reductions in the natural gas emissions delivered to an industrial user as a result of the data update. These upstream emissions should also be apparent in the natural gas for vehicle pathways, along with any changes in the electric power carbon intensity.

The update of the energy data has a small impact on the emissions for corn ethanol and soybean biodiesel, as natural gas and electricity have lower carbon intensities as a result of this update.

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