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 Industrial TagsElectricity
GHGenius 4.01
Natural Gas
 Downstream Natural Gas Update
 Prepared May 2012
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GHGenius has traditionally been focussed on the emissions from the transportation sector but the model is capable of reporting emissions for all sectors of the economy. One aspect of this work was to make it easier for the model to be used for modelling emissions in these other sectors. The scope of this work included the following:

1. An update of natural gas pipeline emissions including both transmission and distribution, including their fugitive emissions. Some data was supplied by the CGA as part of this work and other data sources were also sourced. The transmission energy use and emissions have also been regionalized as part of this work.

2. A re-organizing of the GHGenius tool to model lifecycle emissions from using natural gas in a host of applications including vehicles, power generation, home heating, and industrial applications and to compare these emissions to other fuels. The model update includes a new user interface sheet that will allow the user to more intuitively select the fuel pathways they wish to compare, and it will allow for easy comparison of selected fuels and end uses. The rest of the GHGenius model operates separately from this sheet.

3. The new user selection sheet allows the user to select different fuels, the province (or region) in which the fuels are used, and the end use of the fuel. More advanced parameters will still be able to be changed elsewhere in the model. On the same sheet, a simplified set of results will be output. They will include, as appropriate, gCO2e/km, gCO2e/tonne steam, gCO2e/kWr, and percent comparisons.

In addition some changes have been made to the model to provide additional flexibility and allow more representative regionalization of the model. At the same time as this work was undertaken, the complete natural gas pathway in the model (including the gas production and processing stages) was comprehensively evaluated and changes made to better reflect the current data that is available. These changes are documented in a separate report. Data updates have been made to both the Canadian and US data in the model.

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