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GHGenius 3.6
Natural Gas
 Wood Ethanol Report
 Prepared November 2006
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- For wood to ethanol the process data is sparse but there is one complete set of mass and energy balance data that was developed by the US DOE several years ago that will be used as the base. This input data was also discussed with researchers at UBC who have been active in this field for many years although they have focussed on individual steps in the process rather than on the overall process. We have also reviewed the process emissions on sheet N in the model for all of the biological ethanol pathways and separated the inputs for wood, ag residues, corn and wheat ethanol.

- For wood to natural gas there is some work underway in Europe investigating and demonstrating at the pilot level the gasification of wood and the upgrading of the gas to produce pipeline quality natural gas. Some preliminary data is available. This data has been reviewed and the model has been updated to reflect recent advances.

- There is some interest in producing pipeline quality gas from coal in Canada. There is one commercial pant in the United States (Dakota Gasification) and the literature surrounding that plant has been reviewed, along with new process developments in the field, to develop the basis for a new pathway in the model. This pathway is similar to the wood to natural gas pathway and the use of the gas will include light and heavy-duty vehicles.

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