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GHGenius 3.14
 Barley and Peas Ethanol Report
 Prepared November 2008
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Barley and peas both have some attractive features as ethanol feedstocks in western Canada and there are some groups considering using these feedstocks for commercial ethanol production. Barley is used in some European ethanol plants but to the best of our knowledge peas are not used commercially for ethanol anywhere in the world.

The goal of this work was to add barley and production to GHGenius and to use both of these feedstocks individually to produce ethanol.

Agronomic data on barley and peas production in western Canada has been identified from public sources and added to the model.

The new feedstocks have been added to all of the existing uses of ethanol in the model other than the fuel cell pathways. This is consistent with other ethanol pathways that have been added to the model recently.

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 GHGenius 3.14 Input Checklist
 Prepared November 2008
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This is a two page handout that details the user inputs on the Input sheet. Note that it is not comprehensive enough to replace any of the existing documentation, but meant as a quick checklist for model runs. It is accurate for version 3.14 of the model.

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