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GHGenius 3.12
 Update of CAC Emissions in GHGenius
 Prepared March 2008
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This work primarily considered the emissions of the criteria air contaminants (CAC) calculated by the model. The emission factors used to calculate these emissions have been reviewed and updated where possible. The US AP-42 documents were the source of many of the emission factors. In some cases this involved revised estimates for methane and nitrous oxides from some combustion sources and thus the GHG emissions calculated by this version of the model have changed as well.

For the well established processes in the model, such as electric power production and oil refining, it has been possible to further regionalize the CAC emissions with different values for each region of Canada and for the United States.

There is now more consistency in how the CAC emissions are treated in the model. All of the processes where CACís are calculated now have a base value and the ability to change that value over time as new control strategies are implemented.

A significant amount of work was undertaken with the US EPA model NONROAD2005 to estimate the emissions from off road and stationary internal combustion engines. The N2O emission rate for all of these sources was also updated with the latest IPCC emission estimates.
There remain a number of fuel pathway technologies in GHGenius that are still under development or have not been reviewed and included in AP-42. For these systems other, probably less reliable, estimates have been identified in the literature and incorporated into the model. The estimates that have been made in these cases are considered to be conservative. Some effort has been made to have some consistency in the choice of emissions factors between similar processes.

A large number of small changes have been made to the emission factors in the model. These changes have also included further regionalization of some pathways and further differentiation of the Canadian emissions compared to the US emissions. While the focus of the work has been on the CAC emissions in a number of cases changes to methane and nitrous oxide emission factors have also been made. In addition there were some structural changes to how future emissions reductions are included in the model and the structure of how the biodiesel process emissions are calculated.

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