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 GHGenius 3.11 TagsCrude Oil
Energy Balance
GHGenius 3.11
Natural Gas
 Energy Balance
 Prepared November 2007
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This work entailed the addition of a new Energy Balance sheet to the model. This sheet has tables of the secondary energy by fuel type for each stage of all of the pathways. There are tables for electricity, coal, natural gas, diesel fuel, biomass, crude oil, gasoline and another table to account for minor fuels such as LPG, coke, still gas, etc. From these tables the primary energy inputs into each pathway can be calculated from existing data in the model.
This approach of producing separate tables for each type of energy and then rolling all of the data into the primary energy table will not only add some structure to the primary energy calculations but it will also yield information on the types of fuel consumed in the pathways that will have value by themselves.

Tags: Crude Oil - Electricity - Energy Balance - GHGenius 3.11 - Gasoline - Natural Gas
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