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 GHGenius 2.2 TagsGHGenius 2.2
 GHGenius Documentation Manual
 Prepared for Natural Resources Canada in May 2003
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This report documents the development of the model and provides the user with an understanding of the primary functions of the model. There is a detailed explanation of each sheet in the model including the data that an advanced user may wish to adjust for a more detailed analysis of a particular fuel pathway. There are references to the latest documentation of the Delucchi LEM and a discussion of where there have been deviations in the development of the two models.
This report also includes instructions on how to run the model and the various options available to the user to provide the user with the desired output.
As part of this work, there have been several changes to the model. The version of the model that accompanies this report is called GHGenius 2.2. It now includes some outputs for emissions related to space heating.

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