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GHGenius 3.17
 Freight Emissions Report
 Prepared February 2010
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This work introduces and develops a new functional unit to GHGenius so that the tool can be applied to freight transportation systems that are employed to move goods. This function unit is a tonne-km, being the movement of one tonne of goods one kilometre. Previously only a unit of energy or the distance travelled were used as functional units in GHGenius. This new measure provides a reference for very different systems that are commonly used to move freight.

This work includes a new output sheet for the results. The emissions are presented for all of the GHG and CAC emissions in the model.

The modes of freight that have been included are truck, rail, marine and some preliminary information for airfreight. Multiple classes for marine transportation are presented, as there is a difference in emissions according to vessel type and size.

The fuels that have been included are marine/rail fuel oil, ultra low sulphur diesel fuel, gasoline, biodiesel, hydrotreated renewable diesel, and CNG and LNG. Not all fuels are used for all modes of transportation. It has been necessary to split the existing combined CNG/LNG column on the Upstream Results sheet into two columns so that LNG data is always available. The capacity to model these additional fuels provides considerable additional information for the user.

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