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 Butanol TagsButanol
Exhaust Emissions
GHGenius 3.7
 Bio-Butanol and a Review of Urea SCR
 Prepared February 2007
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Butanol or “Bio-Butanol” as it is sometimes referred to has recently been proposed as a gasoline additive used either with ethanol or instead of ethanol in low level gasoline blends. Butanol has a lower vapour pressure and a lower ability to absorb water when blend with gasoline and some proponents suggest that these two properties would reduce the implementation costs of low level alcohol blends by allowing the butanol to be blended with gasoline at refineries and pipelined to distribution terminals.

One butanol pathway has been added to GHGenius. A corn to butanol pathway for gasoline blends is the most appropriate pathway to consider for North America applications. This corn to butanol pathway is fully functional including summary information and cost effectiveness calculations. Additional co-products have been added to the model including acetone.

Reduction of diesel NOx emissions is difficult due to the presence of oxygen in the exhaust. In the oxidizing environment of lean exhaust, fuel has proven to be only a marginally effective reducing agent. Urea SCR systems utilize aqueous urea as a means of introducing ammonia as the NOx reduction catalyst. These systems have been shown to be less sulphur sensitive than NOx adsorbers are. The latest information on this issue has been reviewed and the new findings have been incorporated into GHGenius.

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